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When you think of a Maiyan turmeric ceremony, one of the last places you’d probably imagine one taking place would be on the beach in Mexico in front the JUST newly opened Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos… So naturally that’s exactly where this one was held. 

Not familiar with a Maiyan turmeric ceremony? They’re probably on my top all time favourite wedding-related events to photograph. They are full of excitement, emotion, activity, significance and COLOUR! Oh I so love vivid bold colours, especially the power they hold in storytelling in the land of photography. For me, shooting a Maiyan ceremony is like Christmas morning. 

The Maiyan (or Haldi/turmeric) ceremony is where the bride & groom are painted from head to toe in a special turmeric paste. Not only is turmeric great for it’s healing properties, it’s also amazing for the skin AND holds special significance & meaning for these ceremonies. It is believed that doing this to the bride & groom before they begin their new chapter will bring good luck & prosperity so it generally takes place a day or so before the actual wedding day! The mood was emotional but playful, a cheerful energy ran throughout the entire group that had gathered for the ceremony. 

Jasleen & Jug’s destination wedding week (back in Sep 2019 – if only we knew THEN what we know NOW about what travel would look like just a few months later… wow!) was filled with festivities – I have never been so tired but energized all at the same time. It was a multi-day celebration, and so their wedding story will be a multi-post series! I truly just have so many favourite moments from our time with them to share and I am overjoyed I’m able to. I am so grateful to both my dear work partner/photog bestie Hannah Cummins and to Jug & Jas for bringing us down as a team for this under Hannah. It was an absolute privilege – we love you guys!! 

Haldi Turmeric Ceremony Gallery:

Here’s a curated selection of highlights from Jasleen & Jug’s destination Maiyan Turmeric Ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas Mexico…

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All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Vendor Dream Team:

Lead Photographer: Hannah Cummins Photography
All-Inclusive Resort: Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

Maiyan Turmeric Beach Ceremony | J&J | Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos


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This fall time Pitt Meadows engagement session is just Anytime another photographer asks you to shoot them, it’s always a mix of emotions. It’s intimidating – no pressure, they’re only professionals & do this for a living too! – but it’s also a huge compliment to know they trust you to capture a moment for them. Hannah is someone who I am VERY grateful to – not only for her friendship but her support & impact in all aspects for me over the years. It’s been 5 years now since we connected in a Facebook networking group and started working together. I was a complete newbie, a rookie both to the industry and in expanding my photography knowledge. When I look at how far I’ve come, I’m amazed Hannah agreed to work with me to start! 😉 But as I grew my photography, we continued to work together as much as we could; her sharing her knowledge with me and me sharing my awkwardness with her – the rest they say is history! Since 2015, working together has taken us all over the province, & out of the country to Mexico! Can’t wait to see where we go next (once travel opens up a bit more)!

I remember when Hannah first started dating Tyler – the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about him, the friendship, sparks, humour & further relationship they shared that were developing were undeniable. The more time these two spent together, the stronger their relationship grew. They took to the road, traveling the world together over the last few years of dating. Thailand, Philippines more recently and in 2018 – Europe; 4 countries, 10 cities, 350,000 km walked & 512, 588 steps made together. The couple that travels well together, stays together. 😉

Then finally, the end of summer 2020 came – having weathered 2020 & a pandemic now together as well, they had a getaway to the Okanagan booked – a welcome reprieve from a chaotic year with the best surprise to close the trip off. With a heart made from rose petals in the sand, more roses & champagne waiting beside it and – yup – it was official, we can pop the bubbly, because he popped the question and she said YES!!!! 😀

It was the end of August in the Okanagan – a warm summer day with a breeze off the lake…

As Hannah & I had admittedly talked about what their future together might bring and may or may not wondered when this day would happen, I was giddy like a kid on Christmas morning excited to hear the news that Tyler had popped the question!! As both my closest photographer colleague & now good friend, I was eager to hear her wedding vendor plans as we’re all quite familiar with everyone in the industry & their services! I only hoped to have maybe a Zoom invite to the wedding or sneak into the dance reception, but instead Hannah reached out to me to capture their engagement photos for them! I couldn’t believe it – we’d worked together for years but to capture this moment for them really meant a lot to me and I wanted to ensure I gave her the best because everyone deserves that – again, no pressure!! 😉

We had so much fun meeting for their autumn Pitt Meadows engagement session. It’s a popular shooting location – you’ve no doubt stumbled upon many sessions at this hot spot on the web but it’s not without good reason. This location is gorgeous, breathtaking, easily accessible and I could happily shoot here any day of the week, any season of the year with anyone!

I am over the moon happy for you Hannah & Tyler – congratulations yet again on your engagement!! I cannot wait to celebrate your wedding next year!


Here’s a curated selection of highlights from their autumn Pitt Meadows Engagement Gallery…

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All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Autumn Pitt Meadows Engagement Session | T & H


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T & W | Their Story

The Couple:

After a kismet initial meeting at a family wedding, these two found their way together & eventually decided to go for a date. They soon discovered that the universe had other plans for them than just that one initial date. She says he stole her heart dancing on the beach at sunset with her that night after the first few dates. After getting engaged on the island last October, they have now been together for almost 6 years (or it will be come July!) and the universe was right.

Tracy & Wes love being outdoors together. Any given day of the week scrolling my Facebook feed I can see Tracy posting photos of their walks and adventures as a couple & a family with all their kids. Any chance they can get to be by water or forests and spending time with the kids – you’ll find these two there.

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The Wedding:

Family means everything to these two. They have a beautiful family and their little baby girl was even present (technically – she wasn’t born just yet) at their engagement session! Tracy’s love of family runs deep and she is true to her loyalty to her family. Her love for family trickles into holidays, finding her favourite one in the joy & celebration of Thanksgiving. It was no question that on the one day of the year we give thanks & are grateful for our loved ones that these two would bring all their loved ones together for the greatest celebration – their fall wedding falling perfectly on Thanksgiving weekend. It wasn’t about putting the focus on them – although it should be, their love is powerful & strong forging a united team – it was about bringing together love and putting the focus on family.

Thanksgiving Fall Wedding Gallery:

Here’s a curated selection of favourites from their rustic vintage Thanksgiving-theme wedding day!

Check out their warm intimate Fall Wedding Gallery… Congratulations again to you both & your beautiful family! 

Getting Ready


Bridal Portraits:


Vendor Dream Team:

Venue: West Langley Hall

Catering: Dutchman’s

Florist: Blooms & Beyond

Hair & Make Up: S & Co

Bride’s Dress: Everything But The Groom

Officiant: Karen Newman

Cake|Bakery: Tracycakes

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photographer for the authentic joyful & adventurous
All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Thanksgiving Fall Wedding, Langley BC | T & W


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The Couple:

I just love this Sandos Finisterra Beach Wedding but before I get carried away… Back to the beginning, Angie & Dan met August Long weekend of 2012 at a pool party being thrown by a mutual friend (that same friend ended up being photographed by me in a bridal party just a few years later – but more on that in a bit…). They immediately caught each other’s attention, hitting it off instantly. They hung out practically everyday for the next month and the rest they say is history.

Together for just over 5 years, fast forward to an all too familiar long weekend (August) in 2017. It was the 3rd annual house boating trip for these two and their crew. Once they docked that first night, Dan found her trying to sneak in a cat-nap & stole her away. The proposal itself was a blur, as they often are, but without hesitation Angie said YES despite recovering from being in shock. They came off the boat to have 26 of their closest friends waiting for the thumbs up from Dan before they started cheering and holding up the Congratulation banner!

The Lead-Up:

Speaking of that friend who threw the destined pool party that brought these two together, as I mentioned, he had been a member of a bridal party I’d photographed a few years before. Maria & Brad were married at Manning Park in summer 2016, and while Angie & Dan weren’t at the wedding, many mutual friends were. The memories & photographs captured stuck with Angie and sooner rather than later she reached out to me.

(One of the best parts of this all?! Not only was there familiar faces in this wedding travel group because of capturing many of them at Manning Park a few years ago, but many are from Kelowna (where I’m from originally!) with most of them graduating from the same high school. I certainly felt right at home with everyone). While we’re on the topic of community, it has to be said how amazing their entire crew was. From the first moments, there was always someone who went out of their way to ask if I wanted to join for a meal, drink, or activity and I had the best time with this crazy awesome group of people. 

The Wedding:

Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos is truly a spectacular resort and I could happily photograph my entire wedding season here. Set against the cliffs that lead to the Arch of Cabo, the resort finds itself draped over the mountain – hugging both Downtown Cabo and the harbour as well as the Pacific Ocean on the opposing side. It creates the perfect dramatic romantic setting for your dream Sandos Finisterra beach wedding. And did I mention the stairs?? Endless, spiralling, seemingly hundreds of stairs that lined the cliffs around the resort ensured our step goals were far exceeded and leg workouts more than done for the day and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Their day was everything you could want and hope for in a wedding day. The perfect balance of sun & cloud, laughter & tears, dancing & reminiscing. These two had plans for a sparkler send off to their night that quickly turned into a bunch of us Canadians loud & proud sing-shouting “Oh Canada” from the rooftop patio into the Cabo harbour for all to hear (sorry not sorry). Not to mention, the exact second A&D took the mic to begin their thank you speech, a spectacular firework show began directly behind them. You just can’t plan this kind of thing.. well I guess you can, but when they happen so magically on your wedding day, you know it’s kismet. 

  • What made you want a Destination Wedding?

Honestly ever since I was young, I always imagined myself having a destination wedding. Something about the beach, the more laid back vibe etc. Plus having a week with friends and family rather than just 1 day sounded way more appealing. Plus we get our own holiday out of it too! 🙂

– Angie & Dan

Sandos Finisterra Beach Wedding Gallery:

These two are truly spectacular – both as dynamic individuals and as a strong united couple. Their love & connection to one another knows no bounds. Between them and all the other lovebirds within their community in attendance, you could truly feel the love.

  • What is one dream you two have for the future together?

To continue to grow both independently and together as a couple. Travel somewhere new every year, and work hard in the hopes of early retirement to somewhere hot and near the ocean.

– Angie & Dan

Here’s maybe the biggest selection of favourites from a wedding day I’ve had! Check out their Sandos Finisterra Beach Wedding Gallery… Congratulations again ya crazy lovebirds!

Getting Ready

First Look

Bride & Groom Portraits

Bridal Party


Sunset Portraits & Cocktail Hour


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photographer for the authentic joyful & adventurous
All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Vendor Dream Team:

Venue|Catering|Planner|Bridal HMU|DJ: Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos
Dress: Enchanted by Mon Cheri


I had such a great time and felt so welcomed by Angie & Dan and all their friends & family. I just wanted to extend another thank you to these two for the amazing trip. To end off the trip and thank everyone for coming down, they chartered a catamaran for the group and we had the best sunset sail around Cabo together. I didn’t bring my camera so I could soak it in (& in all honesty it had been pouring all day as well). It was a great way to end another great beach destination wedding – I hope to be back in Cabo soon.

Sandos Finisterra Beach Destination Wedding | Cabo San Lucas