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Sifting through endless pages of web searches, scrolling past dozens upon dozens of wedding vendors, referrals, and recommendations can seem daunting – and rightfully so! That’s why having trusted vendors & resources available is so critical in helping you plan your wedding with ease. I’ve worked hard to become familiar with vendors of all types, and that’s why I’m so excited to share with you my top 3 wedding florists in the Fraser Valley & within BC.

After 7+ years in the wedding industry in the Fraser Valley, I’ve crossed paths with many a wedding vendor & florists. While there are MANY qualified florists that are all exceptional in each and every city within the Fraser Valley, we all have our favourites (or in this case top 3 wedding florists 🙊) or ones that stand out. This isn’t meant to slight any vendors or exclude others worthy of great accolades, far from it!! All of my Wedding clients receive complete access to my preferred vendor lists. Those of which are much more vast than included in the list below. While this is a brief overview of my top 3 wedding florists in the Fraser Valley… Depending where you are located (Abbotsford, Langley, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, White Rock) I have further lists of local vendors to recommend to you to help suit your needs, hopes, & ok yeah your budget too! 😉

Here are my Favourite Top 3 Wedding Florists Recommendations for the Fraser Valley and (in their own words) a little bit about why I think they are the best of the best:


Langley BC

from their website… “Floralista is a brand that is born out of Alice’s lifetime love of botanicals. Alice has been surrounded by nature by virtue of her geography, the soft rolling hills of open farmland framed by the rhythmic backdrop of distant mountains, in scenic Fort Langley. Alice employs design principles such as colour, texture, and composition to reflect her environment and individual style. She has progressed from the nurseries of her youth to a woman in charge of large volumes of daily orders as well as executing special arrangements for weddings across the world.

Sourced locally from a flower auction and through foraging, as well as importing specialty foreign growth from Peru, Holland, and Italy. We meticulously inspect each stem, clean and maintain them such that they meet Floralista’s uncompromising standards, and finally we create the design for our incredible customers. The preparation involves steps to keep our products fresh and design elements so that each accompaniment is complementary. 

Floralista’s mission is to create an experience that inspires an admiration for nature, is emotionally evocative the way that any art form partaken passionately should be, and to provide an accessible and sustainable option for our clients.”


Hope BC

from their website… “Wild Rabbit Flowers is an event floral studio nestled in the mountains just above the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Owner Carli Spielman is a celebrated and recognized floral designer in the BC wedding industry. She creates full service florals for weddings across the Lower Mainland, specializing in growing high-end wedding flowers for her events.

Her designs are beautifully organic, wild and whimsical. Uniquely heart-fluttering designs, on-site endurance and professionalism, and the ability to hang anything from twelve feet up a ladder are her strong suits. Carli’s love for her gardens, natural expression in design and desire to work independently brought her to opening Wild Rabbit Flowers. She pulls her inspiration from the natural beauty of the wild earth and the untamed heart. Their floral style is heavily influenced by the wild and whimsical nature of flowers.

Movement, flow and layering are all components in her arrangements, and a great care for colour in its truest natural shades comes shining through in her work.  A great amount of care and effort go into every piece, each stem placed with thought, and every event executed with passion and professionalism. Carli works a select number of BC weddings a year spring through fall. “



from their website… “Sarah is a West Coast Florist based in the heart of the Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Best known for her textural and vibrantly coloured floral arrangements, Sarah works to incorporate locally foraged flowers and greenery, combined with the best, brightest, and most unique flowers from all over North America and beyond. Weddings and events have taken her to many local destination hotspots such as Summerland, Kelowna, Squamish, Galiano Island, and all over the Lower Mainland. 

They work with each individual client to design custom florals to match the overall aesthetic of their special day. The florals that we specialize in are meant for intimate weddings that bring couples to mountaintop trails, oceanfront views, and open field ceremony spaces.

Their hope is to work with couples who want the intimacy and joy of their relationship to be expressed through blooms.”

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Top 3 Wedding Florists | Fraser Valley


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Anyone who knows me KNOWS I LOVE dogs. I’ve grown up around them, had them my whole life as close companions, & adored them. So when Zane mentioned that Emily would be bringing her dog Piper for their mini session I was so stoked for their session (as if I wasn’t already; I love me my spring couple’s mini sessions!) My own dog Lima is often the subject of my camera so I was all to welcome to the idea of getting to meet Piper the Doberman and she was such a sweetie! She was a little superstar and had so much fun running around Z&E and cuddling up close for quiet time too! I couldn’t have asked for better subjects to photograph.

Langley Couples Spring Mini Gallery

I had so much fun meeting up with these two & their pup Piper! Here’s a curated selection of highlights from this sweet Spring Couple’s Mini Session Gallery…

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All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Z & E + Piper | Langley Couples Photographer


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When you think of a Maiyan turmeric ceremony, one of the last places you’d probably imagine one taking place would be on the beach in Mexico in front the JUST newly opened Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos… So naturally that’s exactly where this one was held. 

Not familiar with a Maiyan turmeric ceremony? They’re probably on my top all time favourite wedding-related events to photograph. They are full of excitement, emotion, activity, significance and COLOUR! Oh I so love vivid bold colours, especially the power they hold in storytelling in the land of photography. For me, shooting a Maiyan ceremony is like Christmas morning. 

The Maiyan (or Haldi/turmeric) ceremony is where the bride & groom are painted from head to toe in a special turmeric paste. Not only is turmeric great for it’s healing properties, it’s also amazing for the skin AND holds special significance & meaning for these ceremonies. It is believed that doing this to the bride & groom before they begin their new chapter will bring good luck & prosperity so it generally takes place a day or so before the actual wedding day! The mood was emotional but playful, a cheerful energy ran throughout the entire group that had gathered for the ceremony. 

Jasleen & Jug’s destination wedding week (back in Sep 2019 – if only we knew THEN what we know NOW about what travel would look like just a few months later… wow!) was filled with festivities – I have never been so tired but energized all at the same time. It was a multi-day celebration, and so their wedding story will be a multi-post series! I truly just have so many favourite moments from our time with them to share and I am overjoyed I’m able to. I am so grateful to both my dear work partner/photog bestie Hannah Cummins and to Jug & Jas for bringing us down as a team for this under Hannah. It was an absolute privilege – we love you guys!! 

Haldi Turmeric Ceremony Gallery:

Here’s a curated selection of highlights from Jasleen & Jug’s destination Maiyan Turmeric Ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas Mexico…

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All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Vendor Dream Team:

Lead Photographer: Hannah Cummins Photography
All-Inclusive Resort: Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

Maiyan Turmeric Beach Ceremony | J&J | Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos


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This sweet Langley Family Portraits session just makes my heart so warm, I mean who can resist an adorable baby?? I met up with L & R on a cloudy day with rain threatening us constantly until it it finally won against us at the very end. It was a great opportunity to get these two & their little one more during their short but sweet mini session.

The thing clients with babies or young children ask me the most is “isn’t my child too young for nice family portraits?” and my first response is “NOT AT ALL!”!!! A session doesn’t have to be perfectly posed & stiff with forced smiles and ideal positioning to result in beautiful moments, memories & images. Movement can create this, love, energy, & emotion all create beautiful images. The best part is when I do portrait sessions for families, mini sessions are the perfect option for those with little ones. They are short & sweet – 25 minutes and under. While they go fast, they are fun & intimate after we get the awkward wiggles out of the way!! Love & family can’t be defined or limited by age – and that will always show through images. They may not be the perfectly cheesy formal portrait, but who wants that anyways?! They’ll be the perfect portrait of your family & your love. That sounds pretty great to me.

Here’s a curated selection from L & R’s Langley Family Portraits Mini Session in the spring.

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All Photos by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Langley Family Portraits | L & R