Why I’m Not Actively on Social Media

If you’ve poked around my website, there’s a chance you may have found your way over to our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram specifically for the intents & purposes of this blog). If you were there, you may have noticed we’re not exactly your typical representation of a photography social media page. You see, you won’t find us actively posting with witty captions & engaging reels. In fact, sometimes we go 3-6+ months without posting on Instagram whether that be a photo on the feed or in stories. Really, I don’t have anything against social media. I do see the benefit of it. But at the same time, especially in the wedding & photography industry, it is overwhelming and can quickly turn toxic. The content, keeping up with the fads, with the crowd, keep your engagement up, comment and like everyone’s posts, etc is just a game that seems inherently disingenuous to this soft-hearted introvert. It’s a game and a hustle I strongly respect for those that choose to engage with it, but it’s a game that’s overall not for me. I’ve tried keeping up consistently with it but I continually feel inauthentic in action. That being said, that is not to say you won’t find us posting here or there on the platforms. There is a time and a place for everything and that includes social media. And sometimes, there isn’t a rhyme or reason and we just feel like sharing some amazing photos with you – that is what this all used to be about anyways. But you won’t find us being regularly engaging on these platforms as we steer our business model towards in-person consults & connection through our website inquiry/contact form. 

In the meantime, not posting doesn’t mean not working, not operating or not in business by any means. I’m fortunate enough to be primarily referral based, after being in business for 9 years now, however I do still see many clients coming to me from Google AND these social media pages despite my inactivity. This has really freed me of the societal requirements to engage online as I really prefer an in-person, closer client model that complements who I am as well. I engage with my clients closely via email throughout the planning process, offering exclusive access to my Wedding & Engagement Guide websites and any help I can offer along the way. I still do love posting, especially a few little sneak peeks into weddings during the height of wedding season in the summers. You’ll see in my highlights years of behind the scenes moments at weddings and these are memories I also hold dear in my heart. Just a small glimpse into this amazing career I am so grateful to continue building. I can’t wait to see who else we connect with this year! 

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All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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