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S&S had a whirlwind of a wedding day for their Surrey backyard wedding to say the least! Torrential rains both the night prior and night of their wedding caused a ripple effect for their day as the vendor team jumped into action for damage control. You see, the wedding took place in an open field that had turned already wet grassy areas to absolutely water-soaked muddy fields overnight. The thing is, S&S are the most beautiful couple in the world. Nothing would & could ruin this day for them and nothing would take away from the beauty of the day that is their love & this union we were all there celebrating. While things ran anywhere from 1-2 hrs late, unannounced schedule/location changes, & last minute repairs to keep the reception tent & decor ok and the party going kept us all on our toes! Mine of which were thankfully covered in rubber boots; my poor 2nd on the other hand toughed it out in some mud-drenched Toms! Needless to say I think everyone was grateful for a warm bath at the end of the day (especially after dancing in the rain at the end of the night)!

Despite the craziness around us, there was some absolute real beauty taking place all day long – the beauty that is S&S & their genuine authentic crazy real love. As a natural observer & photographer, I love watching these two interact when I have them one on one for a session. They are so natural together. The rain even held off after the night before all the way up till about half way through their reception the next evening. It was a welcome reprieve and another little blessing on these two – plus they say rain on your wedding day is good luck!

Unfortunately, while I couldn’t sneak a moment alone with them on their day, these two still radiated joy all day long. Their ceremony had a very touching moment during the playing of the song Jireh. But really the whole venue was so touching. Located on the groom’s family home, the property was sold and would soon be vacated by the groom’s family that has long lived & cared for this land. It was a bittersweet event bidding farewell to a place that had cared for them as a family was raised over the years. It’s an honour to be a part of moments like these.

The fun didn’t stop there. From a choreographed father/daughter dance, amazing music & dances, to just a great group of people, it was a great way to went a crazy day! They also had some absolutely fantastic extra surprises that shocked and awed me & my team (😂 for my future couples, rest assured we do ask to know of surprises like the following ahead of time so we can ensure we are properly set up for these specific situations)! Fireworks, confetti cannons, oh and HELLO Dunkin Donuts! Wow!! You would’ve had me just at the donuts, because everyone knows food is the way to my heart! 😍

It was really quite a spectacular day that kept us on our toes. I absolutely loved seeing how many incredibly loyal, devoted, protective friends, family & community these two have around them. Their realtor even swung by their reception to surprise them with the keys to their first home a few days early as a wedding present! Safe to say, what could have been a wedding weather disaster turned into wedding magic.

Also, you absolutely have to check out their Tulip Engagement Session we did at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival for them, it’s definitely one of my top 2022 fav’s!

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