Oliver Backyard Wedding | Spirit Ridge Resort

The day is here!!! I’m finally able to share this amazing Oliver backyard wedding with the most beautiful (inside & out) people. What’s more fitting for one of the best couples around on their wedding day? The most perfect weather & venues with all those you love most in the world surrounding you. That’s exactly what this day was.

Oliver Backyard Wedding

Mark & Julia have had to navigate the pandemic over the last year while trying to plan (& re-plan) a wedding. My heart goes out to them and all the couples who had to postpone or drastically alter the vision for what their wedding day would look like as COVID-19 continued to spread globally and new restrictions were announced seemingly daily that would affect carefully-laid plans. These two have an amazing community of friends & family surrounding them. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with some during M&J’s wedding as well as past weddings that they were attending. M&J are so fortunate to have such good people around them and that’s all that mattered to them in dreaming of their wedding day.

Given their strong family values and support system, it was no surprise as plans changed as the pandemic progressed that they settled on an option very close to the heart – M’s family home for an Oliver backyard wedding. I am such a sucker for backyard weddings!! If you’re looking for a wedding day that is laid-back, intimate, relaxing and your love language is quality time this may be the option for you. There is no better setting to get time to soak up the celebration with your friends & family than in the backyard of your family home. How cool was it for Mark to get to have his wedding portraits done in the same field he grew up racing around with his friends in as a kid? I don’t think it can get any more significant than that.

Their Story

If you didn’t see their engagement session at Lighthouse Park, I met these two at their friends Angie & Dan’s destination beach wedding in Cabo in 2019. It was so special to be able to catch up with A&D (Dan was in the bridal party!) as well as others from our time in Mexico! I really love this whole group – they are a blast to hang out with and I truly hope to see them all again soon. One thing is sure – M&J’s Oliver backyard wedding won’t be the last I see of this crew.

Something we didn’t touch on while telling their engagement session story on The Blog was the story of them… Their love and how it all began! What’s funny about how I met these two in Mexico was that in reality… These two also met in Mexico! (I’m sensing a theme here 😉) 8 years ago M&J found themselves both staying at the same resort there. After meeting and connecting there, they both returned to Canada where they inevitably found their way to each other. At their first hang out, they commemorated the occasion with tequila M brought from… where else?! That kismet trip to Mexico! They quickly found themselves joined at the hip, falling in love with each other while hiking their way to mountain peaks and exploring the beauty of nature. These two love the outdoors almost as much as J loves M’s cooking!

The Wedding Day

Oliver Backyard Wedding Gallery:

When I asked them what is one dream they have for the future together, they said to build a family & life together in their future home. I can’t wait to watch these two grow even more together while hiking mountains and conquering life’s peaks & valleys! 

Here’s a curated selection of highlights from their Oliver Backyard Wedding Gallery… Congratulations again my dears!

Getting Ready | Spirit Ridge Resort, Osoyoos BC:

First Look | Spirit Ridge Resort, Osoyoos:

Bridal Portraits | Nk’ Mip Winery | Spirt Ridge Resort:

Bridal Party Portraits | Nk’ Mip Cellars | Spirt Ridge Resort:

Ceremony | Oliver Backyard Wedding:

Sunset Bride & Groom Portraits | Okanagan Backyard Wedding | Oliver, BC:

Reception & First Dance | Intimate Backyard Wedding:

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All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.
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Getting Ready Venue: Spirit Ridge Resort | Nk’ Mip Winery
Marriage Commissioner: Ted Allen
Dress: The Bridal Gallery | New Westminster
Special thank you to their families who hosted, catered, decorated, supported, and helped put this wedding together!

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