Maiyan Turmeric Beach Ceremony | J&J | Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

When you think of a Maiyan turmeric ceremony, one of the last places you’d probably imagine one taking place would be on the beach in Mexico in front the JUST newly opened Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos… So naturally that’s exactly where this one was held. 

Not familiar with a Maiyan turmeric ceremony? They’re probably on my top all time favourite wedding-related events to photograph. They are full of excitement, emotion, activity, significance and COLOUR! Oh I so love vivid bold colours, especially the power they hold in storytelling in the land of photography. For me, shooting a Maiyan ceremony is like Christmas morning. 

The Maiyan (or Haldi/turmeric) ceremony is where the bride & groom are painted from head to toe in a special turmeric paste. Not only is turmeric great for it’s healing properties, it’s also amazing for the skin AND holds special significance & meaning for these ceremonies. It is believed that doing this to the bride & groom before they begin their new chapter will bring good luck & prosperity so it generally takes place a day or so before the actual wedding day! The mood was emotional but playful, a cheerful energy ran throughout the entire group that had gathered for the ceremony. 

Jasleen & Jug’s destination wedding week (back in Sep 2019 – if only we knew THEN what we know NOW about what travel would look like just a few months later… wow!) was filled with festivities – I have never been so tired but energized all at the same time. It was a multi-day celebration, and so their wedding story will be a multi-post series! I truly just have so many favourite moments from our time with them to share and I am overjoyed I’m able to. I am so grateful to both my dear work partner/photog bestie Hannah Cummins and to Jug & Jas for bringing us down as a team for this under Hannah. It was an absolute privilege – we love you guys!! 

Haldi Turmeric Ceremony Gallery:

Here’s a curated selection of highlights from Jasleen & Jug’s destination Maiyan Turmeric Ceremony at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos in Cabo San Lucas Mexico…

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photographer for the authentic joyful & adventurous
All Photos here by Meg Kristina Photography.

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Vendor Dream Team:

Lead Photographer: Hannah Cummins Photography
All-Inclusive Resort: Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos


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