Unplugged Weddings.. What’s the Deal?!

We are surrounded in our day to day life by technology. We work with it, we connect with it – it’s a part of every aspect our life.

As a part of that, almost everyone has a decent digital camera, whether it’s a digital SLR, point & shoot, or a camera phone – everyone is always looking for the next post for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

I recommend couples consider unplugged ceremonies. It can be easy to ask your MC to advise your guests to please put away their smartphones, iPads & cameras and enjoy the moment + ceremony. You hired a professional photographer to take photographs of the ceremony and will be sharing their photos with everyone.

But WHY do I recommend you go Unplugged??

It’s easy!! Guests can be unaware when they’re taking a photograph during the ceremony. They’ve been known to block the middle of the aisles, lift cameras up above their head blocking shots, or have bright flashes going off mid-ceremony – eek!

I’ve attended many-a-wedding where guests got up mid-ceremony and walked right up to the alter blocking everyone’s view with their iPad during vows! This can not only take away from the moment of your day but they can also become caught in otherwise important moments, blocking the photographer & camera lens. As a wedding photographer, it’s sad to see so many weddings where the guests are up wandering around trying to get the “best angle” instead of listening to the words you two say to one another.

These are all things that at the end of the day can also affect the outcome of your photographs as it not only can make a photographer’s job harder to do when “Uncle Bob” is in front of us taking photos but limits the amount of usable photographs you walk away with.

Not only that, but when your guests are worried about getting their perfect shot, they forget to pay attention to the real reason they are there – to witness your love! This day is about celebrating the commitment you two are making to each other and we want your guests to enjoy & embrace this moment along with you as much as possible!

Still not sure? I totally get it! Here’s a few words from a 2017 Groom about how they felt about going unplugged – post wedding:

“A few people were sort of perturbed they had to return their several-thousand-dollar cameras to their vehicles. These guests were much happier in the end after realizing that they too had been candidly photographed mid-ceremony.

I pointed out that these inpromptu photos of themselves turned out much better when they werent manipulating bulky or flashy devices with furrowed brows trying to get the focus right or whatever.

It also meant they could really take it all in and express their emotion, making their photos much more organic and natural.

As you scroll through our gallery, you find stunning images of guests crying, laughing, whispering and really enjoying the ceremony rather than just watching it through a screen.” – Diego & Kerstina Kane

I love it! Without taking the risk and requesting their guests put down their devices, they wouldn’t have these cherished memories of their guests taking in the moment. So tell Uncle Bob to put down the camera, your photographer has your back. 😉


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