Stephanie – Chilliwack Portrait Photography

There’s something really special about getting to photograph friends. When a person is no longer a stranger to you, you see even more of their true beauty and personality shine through and when I get one of my friends in front of the camera, it gives me the opportunity to share what I value about them with the world. Stephanie represents every good quality in a friend that you would want. Her kindness, her smile, her laughter and her generosity are just a few of the things that make up her beauty. We met last year working together at Mertin Auto Group where I was doing some part time administrative work and anytime I was working I knew I could always count on this girl to brighten my day. So when Stephanie messaged me a few weeks back about doing a fun portrait session with her, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. This girl is a gem and it was so fun getting to photograph her! 2015-12-13_0001 2015-12-13_0002 2015-12-13_0003 2015-12-13_0004 2015-12-13_0005 Poor Stephanie – by the time we realized the water over there was up past her ankles it was too late to save the boots! Thank goodness my friends are as crazy as I am and do what I say 😉 2015-12-13_0006 2015-12-13_0007 2015-12-13_0008 2015-12-13_0009 2015-12-13_0010 2015-12-13_0011 2015-12-13_0012 2015-12-13_0013 Every single day, I look out my window and stare down the hill at this beautiful field. Weekly, I drive past it and probably almost drive off the road staring at it – daydreaming different photo ideas. Thanks Steph for being willing to [probably] trespass with me to get these shots.. I’d say it was worth the risk! 2015-12-13_0014 2015-12-13_0015 2015-12-13_0016 2015-12-13_0017 2015-12-13_0018 2015-12-13_0019 2015-12-13_0020

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